Extra and Co Curricular

We strongly believe in active participation and promotion of sports, arts, cultural and other co-curricular activities.  Besides a strong physical educational programme, the school is invests expert coaching in karate, gymnastics, swimming, drama, music and dance.

There is no exemption from any school activity.

A new subject called “Skills” has been introduced; it includes lessons in cooking, sewing, gardening, carpentry and other handwork.

Through Compassion Building we strive to promote holistic growth and development.

Time allotted to penmanship enables children to develop their own style of writing yet maintain presentation, spacing of words and placing of letters.

Students are taught to appreciate classical and contemporary music. We have our own choir and percussion band too.

After- school club activities are optional.

Field trips are arranged in and out of Lahore. Affiliation with reliable, professional groups, caters to annual skiing and rock climbing courses.